Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 117 / FEBRUARY 1990 / PAGE 89



Recommended for mature audiences. That warning on the Bar Games box should ensure plenty of sales for Accolade, but this collection of five classic bar games should sell on its own merit. It's fun, varied, and has a sense of humor.

Liar's Dice pits you one-on-one with a beautiful barmaid. Guess the best hand that combines your dice with hers, and then try to bluff her into thinking your hand is better than it is, I never understood this game in real life, and it's just as confusing here.

In Air Hockey my paddle seemed a little sluggish, but the first opponent was a pushover. Win two out of three games and advance to a tougher opponent. Graphics in this game are great, and so are the women opponents. Male opponents may be handsome, but I never noticed.

As the bartender in Last Call, you slide frosty mugs of beer down the bar to thirsty customers. Use a power gauge to determine how much force to put behind each slide.

Wet 'N Wild is a wet T-shirt contest. The wetter the shirt, the more it reveals. Contestants wander across a stage, and you try to douse them with buckets of water from a catwalk above. It gets tougher and zanier as the contest progresses. Did I mention there are male contestants, too?

Brush off your opening lines in Pick-Up Artist. You have to determine which line works best on three beautiful women, and one has her eye on you. Use the wrong line on the wrong girl and she'll melt you faster than a snowball melts in San Diego.

Plenty of varied action in this one. Play for five minutes or five hours, Bar Games is different each time.


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