Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 117 / FEBRUARY 1990 / PAGE 10

Purple Faces

I own an IBM XT with a CGA card and a Sakata RGB monitor. If I upgrade my color card to EGA or VGA, will it still be compatible with the monitor? I'm a pixel-freak, but my system really frustrates me. While the resolution is excellent, the color makes me want to puke. Imagine human characters with purple faces. From the looks of them, they also want to puke.

That is why I envy Amiga users. Is there any way my system can match the Amiga when it comes to graphics and sounds?



You can use an EGA card with a CGA monitor in the low-resolution, 320 × 200 16-color mode. You'll need an EGA monitor to run games that use the 640 × 35O pixel high-resolution mode, though. To use VGA graphics modes, you'll need a VGA or multisync monitor in addition to the VGA card.

To bring your system's graphics and sound performance more in line with that of an Amiga, you'll want to add a VGA card and monitor and a sound board. We'll have an in-depth comparison of some of the hottest PC sound boards on the market in our April issue.