Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 117 / FEBRUARY 1990 / PAGE 6

Parents' Choice Awards

The 1989 Parents' Choice annual awards honored Hi Tech Expressions' Letter Go Round, Hartley's Picture Parade, and Tom Snyder Productions' Taking Responsibility as the best in the software category. The nonprofit publication specializes in reviews of children's media.

Educational experts in Evanston, Illinois, evaluated the nominated software by watching children use the programs. The judges weighed how well the programs worked and how well they held a child's attention. Parents' Choice Editor-in-Chief Diana Huss Green pointed out that you have to capture and hold children's interest before you can teach them. Price was also one of the criteria.

You can get a sample issue of Parents' Choice for $2. For more information, contact Parents' Choice, Box 185, Waban, Massachusetts 02168; (617) 965-5913. If you order a sample issue, ask for the award issue and get more details on the winners.