Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 117 / FEBRUARY 1990 / PAGE 6



Spinnaker Software may link Macintosh HyperCard stacks to the PC world with a hypermedia conversion/generation application called Plus.

During a demonstration at November's COMDEX, Spinnaker showed how to move files from a Macintosh IIcx equipped with a SuperDrive to an IBM PS/2 Model 70 running OS/2. On the Apple machine, the presenter opened a HyperCard stack under Plus, converted the stack to an OS/2-compatible Plus stack, and then saved the file to a 3½-inch OS/2-formatted disk in the SuperDrive. Finally, he opened the file on the PS/2, using the OS/2 version of Plus.

To make this transfer, you must have Plus on both machines. There is no direct route between HyperCard on the Mac and Plus on the PS/2.

Spinnaker said the OS/2 and Macintosh versions will probably hit the market first, followed by the Windows version. Pricing has not been set, but the company plans to ship the product in the first half of this year.