Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 115 / DECEMBER 1989 / PAGE 157

Nightmares and Aliens

Medalist International has released two new games that may keep you up at night. Weird Dreams delves into the subconscious, while Xenophobe takes you on a mission of alien extermination. Both games are marketed under Medalist International's Micro-Play label.

In Weird Dreams you assume the role of a hospital patient as he undergoes surgery. As the patient's subconscious mind begins to wander, you'll begin to experience dreams where you'll encounter giant wasps, carnivorous rose bushes, a psychopathic lawn mower, and an evil little girl. Your success at confronting these people and objects and the unusual challenges they provide directly affects the patient's health on the operating table.

Weird Dreams is available for the IBM PC and compatibles, the Amiga, and the Atari ST for the suggested retail price of $39.95. A Commodore 64 version sells for $29.95. The Amiga, Atari, and 64 versions require a joystick. The PC version supports EGA, CGA, VGA/MCGA, and Tandy graphics.

Xenophobe puts you in command of three squads of scientists, soldiers, and others in a battle against alien invaders. From your nine charges you must select the two best personalities to handle each mission. These fighters then face a continuous wave of creatures, each with its own unique way of knocking human attackers out of action. The soldiers can fight with a variety of weapons.

The suggested retail price for the IBM PC version of Xenophobe is $34.95. The Amiga and Atari ST versions each sell for $39.95, while the Commodore 64 edition retails for $29.95. A joystick is required for the Amiga, Atari, and 64 versions of the game. EGA, CGA, Hercules, and Tandy graphics systems are supported by the PC version.

Medalist International's Micro-Play games are marketed by MicroProse.

MicroProse, 180 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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