Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 115 / DECEMBER 1989 / PAGE 156

Electronic Payment

MECA Ventures has released version 1.1 of Andrew Tobias' CheckWrite Plus with CheckFree electronic payment capability built into the software. CheckWrite Plus provides budgeting, loan analysis, cash forecasting, tax planning, back-account management, accounts payable and receivable, and now electronic bill paying.

CheckFree has been integrated into CheckWrite Plus at no extra charge to users. The monthly service charge for CheckFree is $9 with a nominal fee added for more than 20 transactions.

Andrew Tobias' CheckWrite Plus for the IBM PC and compatibles has a suggested retail price of $49.95. Current registered owners can upgrade to the new version with the CheckFree capability direct from MECA Ventures by calling Customer Sales and Service at (203) 222-9150.

MECA Ventures, 327 Riverside Ave., Westport, CT 06880

Circle Reader Service Number 203.