Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 115 / DECEMBER 1989 / PAGE 48


Everybody knows what a neat desk is a sign of: a sick mind. In reality, a neat computer desk is a sign of a person who knows which office accessories to buy. We've listed some organizers for disks, manuals, and supplies; and we've found a nice way to label your disks so you don't have to tear the sticky stuff off each time you recycle them.

Datamate 3000

C & C Woodworking

Finding an out-of-the-way place for manuals, disks, papers, and office supplies isn't always easy, but the Datamate 3000 is one option. It's a triple-compartment storage cabinet on wheels. You can organize your materials and then roll them into the closet when company comes.

Neurobics exercises your gray matter and your memory.

Dual Pak

Rick RamStar

The PC world has put one foot in the 3½-inch disk territory and left the other foot in the 5¼-inch disk zone. So, many of us are walking around with both sizes. The Dual Pak is a disk carrying case that holds ten disks, five of each size. A shield keeps the hard plastic shell of the smaller disks from damaging the larger ones.



These labels make it easy to rename a disk. For example, if you have a disk holding letters to your Great Aunt Ethel, and you decide to erase it and fill it with games from foreign telecommunications services, simply dab some alcohol on the label and wipe the old name away. Each package contains 20 labels and one pen, and you can get them for 5¼- or 3½-inch disks.

Keyboard Slideaway

Kensington Microware

If your desk isn't as deep as the combined footprints of your PC and keyboard, Kensington Microware may solve your problems. Simply slide your keyboard out of the way using Keyboard Slideaway. It sits under your computer and frees up desk space.