Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 115 / DECEMBER 1989 / PAGE 7


Some of us don't need a $7,000 80386 laptop just to take notes on the road, so Tandy has come to the rescue with the WP-2, an inexpensive portable word processor.

The jet-black WP-2 retails for $349.95, and it has an 80-character × 8-line LCD screen. Built-in software includes a word processor, a 100,000-word spelling checker, a 200,000-word thesaurus, and a calendar.

If you need to transfer files to other computers, you can use the laptop's RS-232 port and built-in XMODEM communications software with a modem or direct connection. You can hook the computer to a printer through its parallel printer port.

The WP-2 comes with 32K of memory (10K is taken up by the built-in software), and it's powered by four AA batteries. A 32K internal memory-expansion module retails for $49.95, and removable 32K IC Cards, which store more text, are available for $119.95. For more information, contact Tandy, One Tandy Center, Fort Worth, Texas 76102; (817) 390-2129.