Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 113 / OCTOBER 1989 / PAGE 44


Personal Tax Preparer

Parsons Technology

IBM PC and compatibles

256K required


Personal Tax Preparer can calculate and print your federal income tax on Form 1040 and Schedules A, B, C, D, E, R, SE, and others. It features online, pop-up help screens, IRS-approved pin-feed forms, amortization and accumulation schedules, a pop-up calculator, and a pop-up notepad. A financial calculator figures interest rates, loan payments, balloon payments, loan balances, interest earned, and savings and investments values. There is also a section to help you plan for the next year's taxes. Updates are available each year.



Apple II GS, IBM PC and compatibles

512K, printer required


TaxView's onscreen forms help you figure your income tax, and you can print completed forms. Forms and schedules can be linked, and data can be imported from text files. The program checks for errors and IRS violations. Versions are also available for the tax forms of some states, including California and New York, for $65. Annual updates to the federal tax package are $55, and state updates are $35. The IBM version operates under Microsoft Windows; a runtime version of Windows is included.

TurboTax 1989


IBM PC and compatibles

Two disk drives required


Turbo Tax is a recordkeeping, tax-preparation, and tax-planning package. Online help and telephone support are available. The program tells you if you've left anything off of the form and displays your current tax status. The next year's tax laws are built into the planning mode of the program. The data can be printed onto supplied 1040 forms. There are 26 integrated state-tax packages available for $40 each.

Using PC Tools Deluxe, you can move quickly among the different modules.