Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 113 / OCTOBER 1989 / PAGE 44


Address Book Plus

Power Up!

IBM PC and compatibles

256K and DOS 2.0 or higher required


You can organize and print address books, mailing lists and labels, file cards, and more with Address Book Plus. Each file can contain up to 1500 names (with 640K), and the number of files is unlimited. You can sort and search on fields, and you can print address books on laser or dot-matrix printers in four sizes: pocket size, organizer size, standard size, or custom-designed size.


Useful Software

IBM PC and compatibles

384K required


MyBASE stores and prints address books and quick-reference guides. Each address record includes fields for company name, three individual names, five phone numbers, fax numbers, two addresses, and comments. Another format stores other kinds of information, such as recipes, collections, or memos. Print files in many formats, such as checkbook-size note­books, billfold-size fanfold, and Rolodex-size cards. The program also supports mail merge, labels, and searches.