Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 113 / OCTOBER 1989 / PAGE 11

Rotten Apple

I was surprised that you rated PaperClip for the Apple II (May 1989) so highly. After using the C64 version of the program (most satisfactorily) for several years, I purchased PaperClip for the Apple IIe. There were several bugs, the most serious of which was the inability of the program to print properly. I tried the program on three different Apple IIe's and on a Laser 128 (using the Star PowerType, Apple Image Writer, and Epson LX-80 and FX-80 printers and three different interface cards). In every case, printout was garbled or the program did not print at all. Upon contacting Electronic Arts, I received a letter stating that the program may be found unsuitable for "some users," and that EA would no longer be supporting the program. I was offered my choice of one of four games as a replacement.

I fail to see how anyone could suggest the purchase of a program that has such a defect, and I cannot understand how such a major bug could escape your observation. If you haven't actually used the program, please don't recommend or suggest it to anyone else.



The information on PaperClip for the Apple II computers appeared in "Buyer's Guide to Word Processors." The buyer's guides are not reviews, but listings of available products. We try to provide you with as much information about as many products as possible, but we cannot review every piece of software on the market. For this reason, we limit the buyer's guides to objective, fact-based information on a larger number of products and reserve more in-depth coverage for the reviews section, columns, and feature articles. At the time the buyer's guide was written. Electronic Arts was still supporting PaperClip for the Apple II.