Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 113 / OCTOBER 1989 / PAGE 114

MacAnswering Machine

Hello. You have reached the office of … reads the message on your Macintosh screen. Using 1stDESK Systems' new bulletin board program, you can turn your Macintosh into an answering service, a salesclerk, and a recordkeeper.

1stBBS helps you set up a bulletin board where people can log on and leave messages. The Information is stored In a database-file format, so you can keep logs of sales, contacts, and appointments. Your associates can access your flies, make changes, and add new Information from remote Macintoshes.

The program is also designed for any organization that needs to be in contact with a lot of people at odd times.

To contact a Macintosh running 1stBBS, you must use 1stBBS REMOTE. If you own 1stBBS, though, you have an unlimited license to copy the remote program.

1stBBS retails for $195. For more Information, call 1stDESK Systems, 7 Industrial Park Road, Medway, Massachusetts 02053; (800) 522-2286.