Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 112 / SEPTEMBER 1989 / PAGE 80

Sound's Better

Better sound is on its way to ST owners. Mich Tron has updated its original ST sound-digitizing cartridge. ST Replay, and has released the improved version as Replay 4($129.95).

Besides digitizing sound. Replay 4 lets you assign saved sounds to function keys. The software represents the ST's entire memory buffer on the upper portion of the screen. In that buffer, you'll see a graphic representation of any sound you call up from memory. Two mouse-controlled cursors specify the area you will be working in, and your commands affect only the area between the cursors. You can cut, copy, insert, and clear parts of the buffer, as well as reverse, fade in or out, and apply filters to the stored sound.

Of course you can listen to the results, and a realtime oscilloscope helps you adjust the volume properly for good quality sampling. MIDI support lets you assign a sound effect in the buffer to a key on a MIDI keyboard.

Finally, an EFFECTS program demonstrates some special effects, such as echoes, reverb, and ramping. This package is easy to use and works quite well.