Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 112 / SEPTEMBER 1989

Lombard RAC Rally

If you've grown tired of hurtling your Ferrari around the Grand Prix at Monaco or racing your dune jumper across the sand of the Baja, then here's your chance for some British roadwork: Lombard RAC Rally.

Strap yourself behind the wheel of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, a four-speed, 15-valve, double-overhead cam turbocharger that runs hills and curves like a marathoner on fire.

We Yanks will have to get used to sitting on the right side of the car, which is where your computer representation is located. Your navigator sits to the left, map in hand. Outside the windshield, the road winds into the distance. Use your joystick's fire button to clutch and the stick to shift gears (you can also use the keyboard, but it's not nearly as much fun). As you move through the gearbox, your computer image mirrors your moves, reaching for the stick.

If you damage your car, it will cost you several pounds to repair it. And the only way to get money is to win races or put yourself on TV for an interview (a test of your Rally race knowledge).

There aren't any police here, and there's no city traffic. All you have is your car, the road, a map, and the clock. When you're running the road from Harrogate to Carliste, that's all you need.



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Contributing to "Fast Looks" this month were Heidi E. H. Aycock and Peter Scisco.