Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 112 / SEPTEMBER 1989 / PAGE 15


I am a housewife and have at home a computer, a modem, and a printer, among other hardware. I am very interested in working out of my home using my computer. I wonder if you could supply me with names of companies who offer jobs to people working with a computer at home. This would help me very much.

Ana J. Robles North Lauderdale. FL

We can't give you a list of companies, but we can suggest a few resources that may help you. First, a very good book called Working from Home, by Paul and Sarah Edwards, not only explains the ins and outs of a home business, but it also lists some references for exploring computer careers at home. Second, an organization called American Home Business Association may point you in the right direction. Third if you subscribe to a telecommunications service, look for a home-business special interest forum. For example, CompuServe has a Work-at-Home Special Interest Group, Fourth, Check the want ads and the temporary agencies in your area. And last, but not least, take it upon yourself to contact companies for whom you'd like to freelance—write letters, send samples of your work, and get your name out in the field.