Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 11 / APRIL 1981 / PAGE 166

Educational Software Announcement

Teacher's Pet offers a listing of over 20 original PET programs for intermediate grade students in math, language arts, and logic. These programs are written by Glenn Fisher, an experienced teacher and programmer who has published several articles on programming techniques. Most programs are drill and practice, with graphics and scoring. They have all been thoroughly tested in classrooms. Complexity ranges from "Times," a simple multiplication facts drill, to "Decimal X," a tutorial which takes a student step by step through decimal multiplication problems at the PET keyboard and allows the teacher to set the size of the problem and the number of decimal places.

Language programs vary from "Parts of Speech," a drill in recognizing word use, to "Comma," a program written so that inexperienced computer-users can change the data easily. Programs offered include a grading program and a program to handle California state enrollment data for elementary school.

All programs have input protected against careless users so they will run without problems in the classroom. Several programs allow 1 to 4 students to enter their names and be scored separately. To request the list of programs, write:

Teacher's Pet,
Dept. C,
Glenn Fisher,
1517 Holly St.,
Berkeley, CA