Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 11 / APRIL 1981 / PAGE 166

New 6502-Based Single Board Computer

The CPU 65/08 SBC for general purpose industrial and commercial applications is available from Systems Innovations, Inc., Lowell, Mass. Utilizing the popular 6502 Microprocessor, the board will accomodate up to 24K of ROM/EPROM and 8K of RAM.

Two on board VIA's provide 40 I/O lines including 4, 16 bit timer/counters, two serial lines and 14 levels of interrupt. The I/O buss supports DMA and is fully buffered with pinouts equivalent to the KIM 4 standard, thereby allowing the CPU to drive expansion boards directly.

In small quantities, the unit is priced at $275.00 each and is available off the shelf. For further information contact:

Systems Innovations, Inc.,
N.R. Prevett,
P.O. Box 2066,
505 Westford Street,
Mass., 01851