Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 11 / APRIL 1981 / PAGE 166

Clock/Calendar Feature Dropped From Apple III Personal Computers

CUPERTINO, CA — February 10, 1981 — Apple Computer Inc. said today it would no longer offer a special built-in clock/calendar circuit as part of the Apple III personal computer. As a result, the price of the Apple III has been reduced by $50.

The battery operated integrated circuit is not critical to the Apple Ill's operation. It is used to log time and date information automatically on files the computer has stored. Users, typically those keeping accounting records, can enter this information manually from the computer keyboard.

"We are removing the clock chip from the Apple III computer because we have not been able to obtain a supplier that can meet Apple's rigid quality and reliability standards," said Barry N. Yarkoni, Apple III product marketing manager. "We feel that elimination of this circuit will have a positive effect on Apple III manufacturing schedules," Yarkoni added.

Customers who currently have Apple IIIs will receive a $50 rebate from the company. Letters announcing the change and offering the rebate have been mailed to all Apple III owners who have returned a warranty card. Dealers have also been notified.

Customer deliveries of the Apple III computer began in November 1980. New U.S. prices start at $4,190.