Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 166

Writing For COMPUTE!

Robert Lock, Editor/Publisher

We are always seeking good material for publication in COMPUTE!. I cannot overstress our interest in material for the beginner; in short (e.g. 1 page or so) programming hints; in material that crosses "machine boundaries". We present a mix of long articles and short ones. Length is not a criteria of success. Frequently our most favored articles have been simple, provocative programs.

Remember The Beginner

Every time an issue of COMPUTE! goes out, there are new readers, with new machines, trying to get started with documentation that may or may not meet their needs. That's one of the reasons we stress good solid introductory material. Many of our readers are interested in simple programming assistance and support. Many are interested in useful programs that allow them to get more practical use from their machines.

Guidelines for Potential Authors

Take a look at The Readers Feedback column this time. It's devoted to reader comments on content. Then sit down and write up a brief article describing that program you've been using at home for six months that you think nobody else would be interested in. You might be surprised.

Submitting Articles To COMPUTE!

Manuscripts should be double spaced, typed with both upper and lower case (please!). Program listings should be provided in printer output form as well as machine readable form. If you don't have a printer, that shouldn't stop you from submitting an article. I'm sure your local store or a friend would be more than happy to let you run off a listing for COMPUTE! If that isn't feasible, send it anyway. Many excellent articles don't even contain programs.

Address your articles to:

The Editor
COMPUTE! Magazine
P.O. Box 54O6
Greensboro, NC 274O3 USA

The Follow-Up

We pay for accepted articles based on their number of pages in the magazine. You'll receive payment after the article appears. Thanks to you all for writing for COMPUTE!