Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

Hellfire Warrior, Sequel To Temple Of Apshai, Now Available

Automated Simulations, is now offering the sequel to the best-selling Temple of Apshai, Hellfire Warrior.

Like the Temple of Apshai, Hellfire Warrior is a fantasy role-playing adventure, but with more magic, more detail and more command options. Hellfire Warrior lets the player take on the role of his favorite hero.

The player must rescue the beautiful warrior maid Brynhild from the depths of a four-level dungeon and bring her back to sun and air.

Hellfire warrior has more than 200 rooms—riddled with trap doors, bottomless pits, and filled with monsters and treasures, and the player must kill the great bat-winged demon, cross bridges of flame, face death itself and live before the adventure is complete.

Hellfire Warrior is a game for experienced fantasy role-playing gamers. Even more challenging than The Temple of Apshai, Hellfire Warrior allows the player to explore four levels of 60 rooms each.

The magical rooms of level five are inhabited by giant insects. On level six, the player must search for the only exit, hidden within the labyrinth. And on level seven, the player must do battle with skeletons, ghouls, mummies and even invisible ghosts.

The culmination of the adventure lies on level eight. But first the player must overcome the legions of the lost souls in an underworld guarded by dragons and riddled with bottomless pits and blasts of hellfire.

Hellfire Warrior includes an armory where the player must bargain with a tight-fisted inn­keeper for five types of armor, five kinds of swords and shields in two sizes. He will also find 13 kinds of potions and healing ointments to choose from. At the Magic Shoppe—if the player has enough money, he can have ordinary weapons transformed into Magical ones.

Hellfire Warrior is available on cassette for the PET (32K) and TRS-80 (Level II, 16K), and on disk for the TRS-80 (32K) and the APPLE (48K with ROM Applesoft) for $39.95 from Automated Simulations, P.O. Box 4247, Mountain View, CA. 94040.