Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

Professional Software Packages

MISSION VIEJO, CA — CompuSoCo has announced the release of three new professional software packages for the Dentist, Attorney, and consultant. The series of "Professional" packages is designed to utilize the popular desk type computer for appointment scheduling, professional time management, private client billing, and management reporting.

The first new package, called Professional I, is for the Dental Professional. The system features preparation of A.D.A. claims forms for third party patients. The system also allows the professional to locate and prepare notices for professional dental checkups automatically on the schedule the dentist feels advisable for his patients.

The second package, called Professional II, is geared to the needs of the legal profession. The system features preparation of special reports for third party legal plans and special accounting plans to analyze court time usage, and work on retainer or contingency engagements.

The third package variation, called Professional III, is a general purpose package for consultants, accountants and contract administrators. This system allows the creation of sub-jobs, special cost centers, overhead accounts, billing under time and materials contracts, fixed priced job cost accounting and many other job set up systems.

All systems include daily cash reports, time utilization, and professional service reporting. Monthly reports include full aged accounts receivables by client and class of client as well as third party payors. Management and analysis package which is so flexible it can be used to manage personal finances or client trust account funds.

All systems require an Apple II or Apple II Plus computer with Applesoft, a 130 column printer, and at least two mini practitioners with client bases of up to 10,000 clients each.

The systems are available from CompuSoCo at a single site license cost of $750.00 for the selected package. Additional information is available from CompuSoCo, 26251 Via Roble, P.O. Box 2325, Mission Viejo, California 92690.