Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

Scientific Plotter for APPLE II

STATE COLLEGE, PA... Interactive Micro ware, Inc. has announced a program called Scientific Plotter which produces professional-looking graphs. Plotting your results with Scientific Plotter is much easier, faster, neater and more accurate than plotting your data by hand. Data may be input from the keyboard, from the disk or it may be calculated by your own subroutine. In each case, the data may be supplied either as X, Y pairs or as Y values at a constant X interval. Since 20 different plotting symbols are provided, you may plot more than one set of data on the same graph. Also, error bars of variable length may be used to indicate the range of error for each point.

Scientific Plotter gives you complete control of the length and position of each axis, the grid size and the interval between numbers that are printed along the axes. Thus, it is possible to plot data in one, two or four quadrants and different scales may be specified for up to four axes. Any number of labels may be superimposed on the graph, using an alphabet of 76 letters and scientific symbols which can be printed in four different orientations at 90 degree angles. The finished graph may be saved on disk for later review or it may be printed on a graphics printer.

Many features of Scientific Plotter make it easy to use. The program displays the allowable range for input values, based on previous answers, and warns of any errors. At any time, you may erase the graph and replot it with any desired changes. All previous answers become the defaults, so that you can make changes quickly. After the best format for your graph has been selected, that format may be saved on disk for subsequent use with similar data. Five demonstrations are included on the disk so that you will learn quickly how to construct various types of graphs.

Scientific Plotter requires a 48K APPLE II computer with Applesoft ROM. It is supplied on a disk with a 25 page manual for $25. The manual may be purchased separately for $5, refundable with purchase. For further in­formation, contact Paul K. Warme, Interactive Microwave, Inc.; P.O. Box 771; State College, PA 16801 or call (814) 238-8294.