Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

Super X-10 Mod From CMC For Home/Office Security Systems

The SUPER X-10 MOD, recently introduced by Connecticut microcomputer, Inc. allows direct computer control over the basic components in a home/office security system.

Developed for use with most popular microcomputers, including PET, APPLE, TRS-80, and KIM, the MOD controls up to 256 different remote devices by sending signals over house wiring to readily available BSR remote modules. These low cost modules, in conjunction with the SUPER X-10 MOD, allow microcomputer control over lamps, motors, and appliances. With eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs included, the SUPER X-10 module can easily be connected to switches at windows and doors for sensing by the microcomputer. The module can be programmed so that the opening or closing of a window or door initiates a sequence of operations such as turning on lights, radio, and alarm, even if the computer is turned off. Direct, plug-in compatibility and software are available for most microcomputers.

In addition, the SUPER X-10 MOD can put kitchen appliances, stereo systems, television, motors, fans, pumps, and laboratory equipment under computer control. With the module, additional service from microcomputers in business and small industrial applications is now possible. A clock and calendar which can be read by microcomputers are also incorporated into the module. Suggested single unit pricing for the SUPER X-10 is $249, and the module is available from CMC factory stock or from one of a select group of personal computer dealers.

For further information, write: SUPER X-10 MOD, Connecticut microcomputer, Inc., 150 Pocono Road, Brookfield, CT 06804