Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

Cimarron Announces An Attorney Package For Commodore's 8032 Business Computer

Costa Mesa, CA./ Cimarron Corporation has announced a major applications package programmed exclusively for the legal profession. Incorporating both accounts receivable and matter tracking, Legal Time Accounting (LTA) offers law firms with an inexpensive solution to the problems of managing the daily flow of words and information.

LTA proceduralizes daily operations by logging each activity e.g., conference, telephone time, etc., then stores this data by matter and lawyer. The resultant data provides for control of receivables, tracking of attorney activity and revenue and tracking of client and matter activities — all with daily and monthly totals. Reports include aging analysis, attorney billings with ratios, client billings with ratios, activity code analysis and a daily charges and payments journal. Statements can be generated twice monthly allowing for more predictable cash flow. General ledger and accounts payable are also available.

LTA is programmed specifically for the Commodore 8032 computer system utilizing either the 4040 or 8050 twin diskette drives. Compatible printers are the NEC Spinwiter or C. Itoh's Starwriter. Both printers allow for printing of fully formed characters so that the popular WordPro word processing program can be used in conjunction with LTA. In its full hardware configuration, an automatic sheet feeder is added providing for continuous, hands-off operation.

According to Michael C. Miller, developer of LTA and co-founder of Cimarron, the advanced design of the program represents the first time high quality applications software created for minicomputers has been made available on the now more powerful Commodore business computer.

LTA is priced at $900.00 per copy and includes documentation and support materials. For high volume dealers, Cimarron will offer a one time charge. Additionally, Cimarron will pre-package and fully test the entire system for those dealers wishing turnkey installation. Sales and program training are also available.

For more information, please contact Daniel M. Gomez, Cimarron Corporation, 600 Baker Street, Suite 319, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. (714)641-1156