Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 10 / MARCH 1981 / PAGE 154

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Commodore Business Machines Announces Availability Of Emergency Relief Plan Application Program

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Commodore Business Machines, a Division of Commodore International Limited has announced the availability of a disaster/emergency plan computer application program.

As a result of the Commodore experiences during the COMDEX 80 exposition and the tragic fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, November 22, 1980, the striking need for immediate information dissemination on the whereabouts and status of the hotel guests and employees was apparent. With the consent and encouragement of Commodore's Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jack Tramiel, Commodore removed seven complete computer systems from the COMDEX booth and established a computer command center.

Marge Jillett, Director of Public Relations recruited volunteers to man the command center until three a.m., Sunday, November 24, 1980. Brian Padol, representing Micro Search, Inc. adapted a Commodore information list management system program to allow volunteers to type the name, address, MGM room number and the site of relocation of the thousands of guests. Lists were compiled, printed and distributed throughout the night.

Lieutenant Ross of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated "We were not equipped to handle a disaster of this magnitude without the computers and personnel". The Commodore "command center" became a vital information source for the police, the fire department, Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations.

Commodore Business Machines Inc. will release to its over 500 dealers this disaster relief program and document its experiences so that should an emergency of this magnitude occur again, the Commodore dealer can assist all local disaster relief organizations within their area, in the continuing concern to assist the public.