Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 1 / FALL 1979 / PAGE 3

Review Procedures:

  1. Games:

    Please make copies of the review form on the facing page for contributing Reviews and comments on existing games and simulations. When you pick up a copy of a new game, sit down and fill out a sheet for us after you've spent some time with the documentation and software.

    We'll run a tabulation of "Scores" in each issue. Be sure you provide all of the requested information.

  2. Hardware:

    Use copies of the same review form. It tells us what exists, and helps us present our readers with a balanced review of new products. Whenever possible, we'll back up solicited review articles with summaries from your review forms.

Educational and Business Software

We are recruiting reviewers for our "Practicing" Review Panels. If you're an Educator or Business person who's engaged in using micros in daily work, please drop us a note providing the following information:

  1. Position, location, number of years involved with computing, hardware used (e.g. external storage devices and so on), curriculum area/business-professional area/industrial applications area, etc.
  2. Please indicate your willingness to review:

    General purpose software; software within your area of specialization, etc.


Reviewers may not be engaged in the writing or marketing of software within vertical markets. E.G. if you sell or write Educational software, we won't accept your review of someone elses. We will consider your comments on the payroll package you buy from someone else to handle your own business records. Fair enough?

In writing review articles, please address these points:

Documentation: Software:
Clarity Depth
Usefulness Sophistication
Adequacy (Does it cover the topic?) Value
Ease of Use
"Necessity of skill"

Please use the general purpose review form as an indicator of areas to cover in review articles.



The Journal for Progessive Computing

Date ____________________

Product Name: __________________________________________





Suggested Retail Price:$ __________

Reviewer Information:

Name Age Sex
_____________________________ _____________ _____________
_____________________________ _____________ _____________
_____________________________ _____________ _____________

(Note: We request age and sex information only for the purpose of better targeting our reviews ... e.g. some programs may be unanimously praised by "older" reviewers and panned by those younger. We'd be helping both groups if we could point that out!)

Machine: PET________ APPLE _______ ATARI ______

OSI _______ AIM________ SYM_________ KIM_______ Other______

SCORING: _____________
Lowest Average Highest
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Documentation:
Clarity and Readability __________
Comprehensiveness __________
2. Software:
Ease of use __________
Originality __________
Error Handling __________
Use of Machine Capability __________
3. Hardware:
Ease of installation __________
Ease of use __________
4. Is it worth it?
Uniqueness __________
Challenge (Interest) __________
Quality (Amateurish - Well Done) __________
5. Educational Value
Presents facts; develops skills __________
Ease of learning __________
Age Breadth (limited - broad) __________
Would you buy it now? __________
Would you recommend it for:
"Beginning" Computerists? __________
"Intermediate" Competerists? __________
"Advanced" Computerists? __________
All Computerists? __________
Comments: __________