Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 1 / FALL 1979 / PAGE 82

CGRS MICROTECH has announced a 6502 Professional Development System. Using the standard S100 microcomputer bus, the system features the CGRS 6502/S100 MPU Board. Additional boards in this multi-card computer consist of: the CGRS Multiple I/O Board, a S100 Disk Controller Board and a 16K RAM Board. All boards are mounted in a 10 slot S100 Mainframe leaving room for expansion and experimental hardware.

The CRS-DOS operating system and a disk operating package complete with Editor/Assembler are standard.

The 6502 PDS comes with dual minifloppy (5") or dual full size (8") floppy disks. The minifloppy system sells for $2500 and the full size floppy based system sells for $3300. Available options include a hardware DMA Front Debug Panel ($250), additional 16K RAM ($350), 9 digit Basic interpreter ($250), Pragmatic Designs DBM-1 ROM simulator ($270), and an internal Video Terminal ($650). A set of manuals is available separately for $25. For additional information, contact: CGRS Microtech, P. O. Box 368, Southampton, Pa. 18966 (215) 757-0284.