Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 1 / FALL 1979 / PAGE 79



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Woodbridge, VA 22194

NEW-CURSOR is a momentary switch and resistor device which is designed to attach easily to your PET and give you the capability of a semi-warm reset. If you lose your cursor, a simple press on your NEW-CURSOR button will cause PET to reset without the shock to your power supply and video system such as you get when you turn your PET off and then on again.

The instructions provided are brief but clear. No soldering is required and the only tool needed is a screwdriver to open your PET. It took me (all thumbs) less than ten minutes to install my NEW-CURSOR which I received within a week of my order.

SURPRISE BONUS — I found that when I use NEW-CURSOR, I do not lose information stored in the 2nd cassette buffer!

This item is a MUST for anyone doing machine-language programming.

by Dr. Matarella