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Compute! Issue 91 - December 1987

  • Out to Change the World: A Conversation with John Sculley by Keith Ferrell, Selby Bateman
  • In-House Experts by Keith Ferrell
  • IBM's Newest Entry: The Personal System/2 by Dennis L. Foster
  • Leaping Larry by Michael Streeter
  • Deluxe Video 1.2 for the Amiga by Larry White
  • The Easy Working Series by Carol S. Holzberg
  • Borodino: 1812, Napoleon in Russia by James Maki
  • Word Perfect for the Amiga by Neil Randall
  • Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer by Ervin Bobo
  • The Editor's Notes by Richard Mansfield
  • Readers' Feedback by Editors And Readers Of Compute!
  • Microscope by Sheldon Leemon
  • The World Inside the Computer Black Boxes and Best Friends by Fred D'Ignazio
  • The Beginner's Page Monthly Payments by C. Regena
  • Telecomputing Today Christmas at the Phone Company by Arlan R. Levitan
  • INSIGHT: Atari Crosswords and Home Computers by Bill Wilkinson
  • AmigaView On the Cutting Edge by Sheldon Leemon
  • ST Outlook BASIC File Dumper by Philip I. Nelson
  • IBM Personal Computing All Sass Sal by Donald B. Trivette
  • Computers and Society Computer Users as Programmers--The Next Wave by David D. Thornburg
  • SuperCount by Ben Halverson
  • Mystery Mania by David Leithauser
  • Blipper by Patrick Parrish
  • Atari Trace by Normal Lin
  • Machine Language Routines for the Commodore 64 and 128 by Todd Heimarck, Patrick Parrish
  • The Elementary Amiga, Part 1 by Jim Butterfield
  • Atari Persistent Ramdisk by Robert Berry
  • Total Disk Menu by Scott Rickman
  • Karma for the Amiga by Todd Heimarck, Rhett Anderson
  • GET and PUT Graphics for Atari by Bernard Cozier
  • Apple Kaleidoscope by Danny Faught
  • MLX: Machine Language Entry Program for Apple
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