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Compute! Issue 68 - January 1986

  • Making Music with MIDI by Selby Bateman
  • The Computerized Musician by Kathy Yakal
  • Solitaire by Ben Elizer
  • SpeedCalc for Commodore 64 and 128 by Kevin Martin
  • Casio CZ-101 Music Synthesizer for Commodore 64 by Philip I. Nelson
  • The Newsroom by Kathy Yakal
  • Dr. T's Sequencer for 64 and Apple by Richard Mansfield
  • The Editor's Notes by Richard Mansfield
  • Readers' Feedback by Editors And Readers Of Compute!
  • Computers and Society Music Hath Charms by David D. Thornburg
  • The World Inside the Computer The Ultimate Personal Computer by Fred D'Ignazio
  • The Beginner's Page The Power of Strings by Tom R. Halfhill
  • INSIGHT: Atari Do You Need a 16-Bit Computer? by Bill Wilkinson
  • Telecomputing Today The Face of Things to Come by Arlan R. Levitan
  • Programming the TI Music and Sound on the TI by C. Regena
  • IBM Personal Computing Last Minute Gifts by Donald B. Trivette
  • Disassembler 64 by R. B. Miller
  • Introduction to AmigaDOS, Part 1 by Charles Brannon
  • Formatted Printouts for Commodore by Todd Touris
  • Atari Cassette Verify by Dan Stromberg
  • Apple Keyboard Customizer by Robert Buehler
  • IBM Advanced Function Key Techniques by Peter F. Nicholson Jr.
  • Commodore 64 SpeedScript Fontmaker by Charles Brannon
  • Atari RESET Controller by Torben Pedersen
  • Moving Marquee for Commodore 64 by David W. Martin
  • Line Deleter for Atari by Bryce Wray
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