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Compute! Issue 45 - February 1984

  • How COMPUTE! Readers Use Their Computers by Kathy Yakal
  • What Makes A Good Game? by Charles Brannon, Kathy Yakal
  • The Future Of Electronic Games by Kathy Yakal
  • Circus by Craig Setera
  • Quatrainment by Sean Puckett
  • Gotcha! by Doug Smoak
  • Submarine Simulations For Commodore by Dale F. Brown
  • Computer War For Atari, VIC, And TI by Dan Gutman
  • Flip And Flop For Atari, Commodore 64 by Stephen Levy
  • The Cosmic Balance II For Apple, Atari by Robert L. Hurt
  • The Editor's Notes by Robert Lock
  • Readers' Feedback by Editors And Readers Of Compute!
  • Computers and Society Personal Computers And The Arts by David D. Thornburg
  • The Beginner's Page Program Forms by Richard Mansfield
  • Questions Beginners Ask by Tom R. Halfhill
  • On The Road With Fred D'Ignazio The Book Of The Future: Electric, Unending, And Written In RAWM by Fred D'Ignazio
  • Learning With Computers Potentials And Limitations by Glenn M. Kleiman
  • Micros With The Handicapped Special Education Applications by Susan Semancik, Wini Benvenuti
  • The World Inside the Computer Computing To Read by Fred D'Ignazio
  • Machine Language ML Factors, Part 2 by Jim Butterfield
  • INSIGHT: Atari by Bill Wilkinson
  • Programming the TI Foreign Languages by C. Regena
  • 64 Explorer by Larry Isaacs
  • Commodore 3-D Drawing Master by Donald E. Smith
  • Speedy BASIC For VIC And 64 by Frank C. Gutowski
  • 64Key And VICKey by Daniel Bingamon
  • Commodore Files For Beginners, Part 4 by Jim Butterfield
  • Dr. Video 64 by David W. Martin
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