Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 5 / October 1993 / PAGE 22


(Still some good opportunities for hackers, programmers, developers, and entrepreneurs.)

A replacement for ICD's R-Time8 cartridge.
New protocols for BobTerm: KERMIT, ZMODEM, and ANSI; plus a really good VT-100 emulator.
A BobTerm upgrade for expanded RAM machines to permit the storage and recall of up to three previous screens of data while online.
A 24-pin Epson driver for Daisy Dot III with correct aspect ratio.
A serial (SIO) buffer for slow printers like the 1027 and 1025.
A PAL programmer.
An adapter to convert composite video to TTL video (MDA, CGA or VGA).
An 8-bit version of the ST program Aladdin for GEnie users.
A high quality electronic schematic drawing program with a 24-pin driver.
A utility for converting Print Shop fonts to Print Power format (see Note below).
A 256K upgrade for the 600XL (perhaps utilizing 44256 DRAMs).
A drawing utility for Print Power.
An IDE hard drive interface.
A patch to AtariWriter+ & -80 to use more than 128K if available, in 16K blocks.

Note: Don Burgess wrote in to say No Frills Software published a program called "The Converter" in 1987 that performs this task. We don't know if No Frills is still in business.
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