Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 5 / October 1993 / PAGE 13

disk disk
 OCTObER 1993

by STEVE HoffEE, AC Disk EdiTOR

    Well here it is, the last disk rounding out our first year of publication. We hope you've enjoyed our magazines and disks as much as we've enjoyed sharing them with you. As an exclusive 8-bit publication, it's been an inspiration working with such a unified 8-bit user community; our hats are off to you! Without you- the users, programmers, and subscribers, we would not be here today or in the future. As of this writing about 60% of you are subscribing to the AC Disk, which is about triple what we expected a year ago! We have a feature packed disk full of top notch programs this month and lots of excellent programs for our future software disks (so don't forget to renew your subscription!!).
    Now, down to the meat and potatoes of this article. We have a brand new menu created by Earl (Clay) C. Halliwell from N.W.P.A.C. We think you'll agree this menu greatly enhances your enjoyment of the software. You'll find the following programs on the AC October Software Disk:

Side A

    CYCLOIDS-A hi-tech Spirograph (tm) in BASIC for your 8-bit, by Tom Andrews. (AC, OCTOBER'93)

    DESKJET-BASIC demo for using the Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500 printer with your 8-bit, by Frank Kweder. (AC, AUGUST'93)

    MORTGAGE--a quick and easy BASIC mortgage payment planner to help you decide if you should refinance your home in today's low-interest market, by Amy Krohn from the March 1985 ANALOG, modified by The 8-Bit Alchemist for clarity. Self-prompting, self-explanatory to anyone familiar with mortgage jargon.

    RED HOT POKER-A neat BASIC program that lets you POKE in some useful features, in AtariBASIC (.BAS), LISTable (.LST), and binary (.COM) versions, by Russ Gilbert, including docs. [Note. After the October Disk was already in duplication and just as this issue of AC was going to press, we received word from Russ of a minor correction to the docs. Near the end of the text where it says 559 is in DOS, change that to read 710. BP]

    THE SOUND GENERATOR AND UTILITIES-This great little BASIC program lets you listen to the sounds as well as list them to be added to your own programs (author unknown).

    THE GENESIS PROJECT DEMO -A great M/L 3-D demo of a rotating mask ported from Commodore by Stephen Logie and Robert Stuart.

Side B

    MENU DOCUMENTATION -A complete documentation file that explains the basic setup for ACs new menu (DOMMenu), originally designed for use by usergroup Disk Of the Month librarians, by Earl C. Halliwell.

    COLORVIEW 2.6-If you liked Jeff's earlier version of Colorview you'll love this one. It's packed with features and includes a slide show for viewing all the picture files on the disk, with complete documentaion. Shareware by ACs own Graphics and Entertainment Software Editor, Jeff' Potter. (AC, JUNE '93)

    RAMDISK UILITY FOR 256K UPGRADE-A neat little utility for DOS 2.0 or 2.5 that lets you set up two single density RAMdisks on a 256K upgraded 8-bit. Exact author unknown, seems to have originated from the MAAUG BBS in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).

    ATARIWRITER-80 AUXILIARY MENU-Jeff McWilliams' nifty M/L utility for AtariWriter-80 fans who'd like to exit to DOS or look at directories of D1: through D9: and then either EXIT or jump back into the wordprocessor with text files still intact. (AC, AUGUST'93)

    If you'd like to print out any of the documentation text files, make sure your printer is turned on before you boot up your computer or it will automatically default to sending docs to the screen.
    I'd like to give special THANKS to Clay Halliwell, Bob Scholar, Bill Hanna, Guy Ferrante and last but certainly not least "The 8-Bit Alchemist". Enjoy!! We look forward to next year's submissions, keep 'em coming!