Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 4 / August 1993 / PAGE 29

New Faces at AC

A Note from Ben Poehland,
Managing Editor

AC is pleased to announce two new additions to the Staff:

John Hardie has joined the AC team as our Resource Editor. If you have a question regarding the availablity or existence of a product, send your inquiry to John at his address in the masthead on page 3. Beginners, take heart! John is very concerned about newcomers to the Classic Atari and will soon commence a series of articles especially for the neophyte. A long-time collector, John will be ACs resident expert on Atari 8-bit hardware, software, and vaporware.

Paul Alhart has also signed on to our brave little enterprise as a Columnist. Look for Paul's A-T-A-R-I column in future issues. Those of you who subscribed to AIM before its recent decline may recall Paul as one of that magazine's more formidable 8-bit columnists. A seasoned military electronics technician with a long-time interest in things Fuji, we're looking forward to some interesting projects and tutorials from his seasoned pen.

With these additions the magazine staff is now pretty much up to full strength, and as we become more fully integrated as a team I'm hopeful the quality and variety of ACs content will continue to improve.