Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 1 / February 1993 / PAGE 4

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Machine Outlasts Its Maker
    Dear Ben,
    I applaud the return of a magazine devoted solely to the 8-bit line of Atari computers. Although I own an ST, I still continue to use and amass programs for my trusty 8-bit, the likes of which I own in several configurations (from a 400 to a 1-meg XE!). I have yet to find a reason to part with any of them, as they still see much usage in my home by my entire family. Truly, a machine that has outlasted its makers, as it were.
    I was dismayed to see also that the latest "team" to put together Atari Corp.'s magazine, Atari Explorer, announced they would no longer support the 8-bit. But then, it's no real surprise, as the company long ago abandoned support of same. Funny thing, though... in my Shareholders' Report from them, they are still aggressively selling the 8-bit computer-in its 130XE incarnation-in several countries. For a company that abandoned one of their flagship products yet still draws revenues from same, it makes you wonder.
    I applaud your efforts to support us 8-bitters with a quality magazine. Your reputation from the pages of Current Notes is sufficient for me to know what to expect, and I look forward to receiving AC.
    Finally, thank you! A magazine devoted solely to the 8bit is most welcome, and judging by the response you received concerning it, there are quite a few of us out there. Again my thanks, and hey- CONGRATULATIONS!!
    Robert Ruiz
    Fresno, CA

8-Bits In the Family
    Dear Ben,
    I received the first issue of AC today and I must say I am truly impressed. My credit card info is enclosed; please put me on your subscription list right away!
    Although I have a MEGA 4/STE, I still love to tinker with my 8-bits. My main outfit consists of an 800XL, RAMBO 256K, MIO 256K, 20-meg hard drive, 1050 plain, 1050 Happy, XEP-80 and a TransKey, all crammed into a PC case with a cartridge port in front. Plugged into this is a monochrome monitor, small colour monitor, modem, 1020, 1027, wide-carriage 9-pin printer and at various times, ComputerEyes, Easy Scan II, Animation Station and a Star Bubble Jet.
    My eldest son, a policeman, types all his court briefs on an 800XL while my youngest son who is away at school uses his 130XE for printing pages, crunching numbers and playing games. I have an 800XL at my mother's home to entertain her grandchildren, and that leaves me with an 800XL and an XE Game System for spares- just in case!
    I intend to enjoy 8-bits for awhile yet, and your quality publication can only enhance that intent. Thanks for your effort.
    D. Garnet Quinn
    Ontario, Canada

Score One for BEST
    Dear Editor:
    In recent weeks I've had good reason to re-think the issue of support as it currently exists for our 8-Bit Ataris. It's no secret the retreating support by producers and sellers is having a negative effect on users of all Atari products, but the 8-Bit Classics have taken the worst beating. However, I'm encouraged by two recent developments. The first is seeing this magazine, Atari Classics get off the ground, and the second has to do with a recent experience regarding a Magnavox monitor I purchased to use with my Atari 800.
    My Magnavox RGB Professional 80 lacked the necessary cable I needed to connect to my Atari 800. Looking over my library of catalogs, I decided my first call should be to Brad Koda at Best Electronics in San Jose, CA. That turned out to be exactly the right decision.
    After explaining my needs, Brad asked where I was located. Was I ever surprised when Brad suggested I direct my request to Bob Patton of Omaha, Nebraska as a resource. Bob Patton, as a name, was familiar to me, the result of needs in the past via Hobbytown of Lincoln.
    Hobbytown of Lincoln and Omaha sells the Atari line of computers, offering service through Bob. As an independent contractor, Bob was and still is a service person for Hobbytown stores (lucky me!) For several years Bob had a full time business servicing the Atari, which he now does part time. My request for a cable will be awhile in the making. Bob told me he's three weeks behind in requests for service and would I please be patient? It's like getting service at a delicatessen, take a number please! When my number is on top it will be my turn and that's just fine.
    I'm still amazed that Best Electronics cheerfully rendered the suggestion I call Bob Patton when I needed help! My hat's off to Brad Koda and I offer a big midwestern "Thanks a lot Brad!" The day I called Best Electronics I bought nothing, but you can be certain Best earned much good will. I hope you'll share my letter with readers as my way thanking Brad for his effort on my behalf. Sincere BEST wishes to Brad Koda!
    Gary C. Matteson
    Norfolk, Nebraska

Our Own Mag Again!
    Dear Editor,
    The long awaited first issue of AC arrived today, and Oh Boy, it's just what the doctor ordered for us ailing 8-bitters. I devoured every word with a certain inner pleasure, knowing AC is the result of the "never say die" 8-bit community.
    I and the members of OHAUG are solidly behind the concept of a magazine BY and FOR 8-bitters. In line with that thought, enclosed please find my $34 for a year's subscription to the magazine and disk.
    In passing, let me say you may freely use any articles or programs from the OHAUG bimonthly newsletter in future issues of AC. Let's hope that, like the Phoenix, the 8-bit has arisen from the ashes, and that AC will fly high and long on its wings!
    Alex Pignato
    Oceanside, NY

    AC replies:Alex, your generosity is exceeded only by your modesty. You forgot to mention that OHAUG performs the grunt labor required to mail out AC's Software Disk! My deepest thanks to all you guys, this is what AC is all about!-  Ben