Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 1 / February 1993 / PAGE 26

Dream Street -Products We'd Like To See

[We removed two items from the previous list: XF-551 dustcovers and a replacement for ICD's RT-8 cartridge; those items are now available.]

New protocols for BobTerm: KERMIT, ZMODEM, and ANIS.
A 24-pin Epson driver for Daisy Dot III with correct aspect ratio.
A serial (SIO) buffer for slow printers like the 1027 and 1025.
A PAL programmer.
An adapter to convert composite video to TTL video (MDA, CGA or VGA).
A really good VT-100 emulator for BobTerm.
An 8-bit version of the ST program Aladdin for GEnie users.
A high quality electronic schematic drawing program with a 24-pin driver.
A patch program to make AtariWriter-80 completely compatible with SpartaDOS.
A utility for converting Print Shop fonts to Print Power format.
An RS-232 handler for Diamond GOS.
A 256K upgrade for the 600XL (perhaps utilizing 44256 DRAMs).
A drawing utility for Print Power.

Got an idea for a product? Send it in! If we think it looks good, we'll add it to this list!