Classic Computer Magazine Archive ATARI CLASSICS Volume 2, Issue 1 / February 1993 / PAGE 22

AC Software Disk Index: February 1993
    Well, here it is! Our first Software Disk with all the listed programs from the Premiere Issue (Dec. '92) plus all the listed programs from the February 1993 issue, as well as a few extra goodies. Here's a list of the programs on the disk:

Side A
    XEP80.BAS - XEP-80 printer driver by Jeff McWilliams (DEC 92)
    TVPLOTS.BAS - by Ed Hall (DEC 92)
    KEYCODE3.COM - by Bob Hardy (FEB 93)
    KEYCODE3.LIS - Printable source code for KEYCODE3. This program is written in MAC/65 (FEB 93)
    DISPCOPY.LST - The listable BASIC program accompanying Tom Andrews "Speedy Text Buffer Display" article (FEB 93)
    DISPCOPY.TUR - A tokenized TurboBASIC version of Tom's program (FEB 93).
    REFRMAT2.CTB - A compiled TurboBASIC version of Tom Andrews' REFORMAT 2.01 complete with RUNTIME.COM file. This is a text file reformatter with documentation included on disk (FEB 93).

Side B
    MULTI-MOUSE DRIVER - by Simon Trew of the LACE group in England. This is a utility for adding various input device handlers to a program including Joystick, Touch Tablet, Trak-Ball and Mouse (ST or AMIGA). Full documentation on disk.
    REFRMAT2.DOC - documentation for Tom Andres' REFORMAT program

    I'd like to thank all the authors for their contributions, along with Craig and Ralph at ZTM Software, for the screen loader modification. We encourage all programmers to send in their latest projects and share them with the rest of the 8-Bit community. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you continue to support the future of OUR Atari Classics.