Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 66 / NOVEMBER 1988 / PAGE 6


    There's a problem with Andy Eddy's piece on GEnie. I am not the SYSOP. I am one of the SYSOPs. To make it very clear:
    There are two contracts for the Atari roundtables (RTs). Darlah holds one, and Atari Corp. holds the other. On Atari's behalf, I am the manager of the Atari areas, with 20 members of Atari's staff currently online there. Darlah, however, supervises all the activities of the assistant SYSOPs (Marry Albert, Mark Booth, Sandy Wilson, Holly Stowe, Craig Thom and Atarians John Townsend and Dan Scott).
    Darlah works harder for the GEnie RTs than any SYSOP I've ever seen. She deserves credit, and listing me as SYSOP is not fair. I hope you can put something in a future issue to fix this. Thanks.
-Neil Harris
Atari Corp.

    I will be the first to acknowledge the work that Darlah has done to make the Atari RTs what they are. Her contributions are everywhere. What I meant to say in the article was that you had taken over the management of the Atari RTs, but it didn't come out that way... the sun reflected off my monitor... I tripped on a deadline. My apologies to Darlah and her associates.
 -Andy Eddy