Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 66 / NOVEMBER 1988 / PAGE 6


    Is there any way an Action! compiled program could be converted to BASIC data statements and printed in your magazine? This would allow more of us Action!-less owners to enjoy some of those fine programs. I realize they are available on your disk version.
-Everett Rantanen
Milwaukee, Wiscansin

    Any binary file may be converted to DATA statements for use in a BASIC loader or for typing in by M/L Editor. However, most Action! programs, after they've been compiled, are much too large to allow their printing in the magazine. We realize that many readers don't have Action!, but we feel that enough people are interested in the language to warrant the inclusion of an Action! program now and then. As you mentioned, most of the Action! programs (not all of them) are available on the disk version of the magazine. Also, they may be downloaded from ANALOG's Atari SIG on DELPHI.