Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 66 / NOVEMBER 1988 / PAGE 7

November '88

Zap goes your XE

    Ever wonder what would happen if a lightning bolt hit the power transformer outside your home one night? Five-hundred thousand volts of electricity can run through your XL/XE's power supply. The resulting fireworks will permanently remove your home computer from service. The way to avoid this problem is with the purchase of surge suppressors. These devices remove the nasty pops, clicks and spikes from the electricity powering your computer.
    Surge suppressors usually plug into a wall plug and look more or less like an extension outlet. Your Atari computer's power supply plugs into the surge suppressor and receives a calm and steady supply of electricity. Surge suppressors are also good for your home stereo, microwave oven and answering machines, to name just a few. Unfortunately, this means buying many suppressors, one for each device you want to protect.
    CPS Electronics has introduced a novel new idea in surge suppressors: One unit covers your entire house. The EG 240R is a whole home, residential, circuit breaker surge suppressor that mounts to the panel of your home's circuit breaker box. The unit can also be fitted into fuse boxes. The EG 240R can arrest a surge of up to 20,000 amps, which is enough to send your computer into orbit. CPS guarantees the unit with a three-year warranty. The list price is $89.95, and it is now available.

CPS Electronics
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