Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 62 / JULY 1988 / PAGE 43

Reader Comment

Collector in Need
    I desire information on the Atari 5200 game system that possibly your readers could supply. Since the 5200 is similar to the Atari 400 computer, I thought ANALOG Computing Magazine's readership an appropriate resource to pursue.
    I wish information on: 1) any prototype cartridges that were not mass-produced and how to acquire them; 2) cartridges that were produced in limited quantities by small companies; 3) how to produce my own cartridges; and 4) inside or little-known facts of the 5200.
    I have a large collection of the 5200 system cartridges and want to make it the most complete. My problem is compounded by limited contacts and knowledge in the industry. 5200 collectors are restricted by its limited abilities and being only available for about three to four years. I know this request is unusual, but I'm looking to you for much-needed help.
-Arthur Nestor
230 Arthur Street
Zelienople, PA 16063

Well, there you go, friendly readers. Does anyone out there have information on the 5200 to share?