Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 62 / JULY 1988 / PAGE 43

Reader Comment

80-Column Telecommunications
    I have been a reader of ANALOG since Issue 12 and a subscriber since 17. Over the years I have seen a great many problems addressed and solved. I have a serious problem (as in serious business usage of an 8-bit Atari). Therefore, as a last-ditch effort, I am contacting your magazine.
    Over the past seven years I have owned various 8-bit Ataris and have collected large amounts of hardware, software and magazines. During the past three months I have searched for 80-column modem software. I have purchased an ICD MIO board only to find that their 80-column adapter is "on hold." I have purchased an XEP80 adapter and spent many a long night leaving and retrieving messages on BBSs, searching for modem software that would work with it. I now have numerous editions of AMODEMS, XMODEMS, 850 Express, etc. I live in a rather small rural area without a users group, so moral support on a quest like this is hard to find.
    Is there a public domain, commercial, freeware or shareware telecommunications program available for the 800XL with or without an MIO or XEP adapter that will allow 80-column viewing? All my office computer displays are 80-column, so it's a bit messy trying to use my trusty Atari as a home workstation reading 40 columns with word wrap. Any reasonable suggestion or offer will be acceptable. Maybe someone somewhere has solved this problem.
    If any Atari user has any suggestions, please send them to me.
    One last word: It was great to receive Issue 59 in the mail today. Thanks!
-Michael A. Reott Sr, D.D.S.
Hwy. 321 South
PO. Box 615
Maiden, NC 28650