Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 62 / JULY 1988 / PAGE 74

8 Bit News  

Add Some Speed to Your XE
    Alpha Systems is shipping the BASIC TurboCharger. Since Atari Basic can run machine-language programs, J. Bader came up with the novel approach of putting together a library of machine-language programs that can be incorporated into your BASIC programs. The result is machine-language speed for commonly used functions such as memory movers, screen data manipulators, data searches and sorts, and screen animations.
    Machine-language routines to handle screen player/missile movement and other animation are included. High-speed disk load and save routines allow you to save Micropainter and character sets quickly. Some bit-blit operations are included, which are handy if you are writing programs with screen painting functions.
    The TurboCharger comes with a 128-page manual and diskette for only $24.95. The diskette contains many short machine-language routines that are completely documented in the manual.

Alpha Systems
1012 Skyland Drive
Macedonia, OH 44056