Classic Computer Magazine Archive A.N.A.L.O.G. ISSUE 59 / APRIL 1988 / PAGE 4

Reader comment

Streamlining Streamliner.
    I recently discovered a minor bug in my "Streamliner" program, in issue 56 of ANALOG Computing. Specifically, if you try to Streamline a file that won't fit in memory, the program kind of, uh, dies. The logic to handle this is already in the program, but a dumb mistake on my part causes it not to work. To fix it, place a disk with an unlocked copy of D:STRLINER.OBJ in drive 1 and carefully type in and run the following:

  20 REM by James Hague
  30 OPEN #1,12,0,"D:STRLINE
  40 FOR A=1 TO 908:GET #1,B
     :NEXT A
  50 PUT #1,160: CLOSE #1

    When you see the READY prompt, the bug will have been corrected. To change the assembly language source code to reflect this fix (not necessary, unless you want to fool with the assembly version), change the LDY $FF in the PUTBUF routine (page 39) to LDY #$FF. Assembly programmers will recognize my mistake right away-I wish I had, sooner.
    James Hague
    Richardson, TX